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Hi, I'm Lisa! 

I am lucky enough to have the experience of being a dog owner my entire life, so I know how much you adore your furry friends and how hard it can be to schedule pet care around your ever changing, busy lifestyles. I have an almost 3 year old Collie called Eddie, who is full of energy and needs plenty of walks to keep him happy!

Here at PawPanions, I take care of your beloved pet with all the love and care they deserve, so they will feel right at home with me. I provide peace of mind that your much loved pet is in good hands, being given much needed attention, exercise and play while you are away from them. This leads to a happy, content and stress free pet who is ready to give you the welcome home that you deserve!

Why choose PawPanions?

Fully Insured

DBS Checked

Pet First Aid & CPR Trained



Friendly & Professional

Reliable & Affordable

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I make sure your pets get plenty of fresh air and exercise in order to develop their physical fitness, social skills and reduce stress.

Dog Walking is one of my most popular services, so be sure to reserve a space today! 

Group Walks

I offer group walks, which is the perfect opportunity for your dog to have fun and play with their new found friends!

Dogs are pack animals and love to walk and meet up with each other, so this is a great experience for your canine.


One-to-one walks are available for any furry friends that, for any reason don't like to socialise, are anxious around other dogs, or if you would simply prefer them to have a walk completely dedicated to them.

I like to vary the locations of walks, as this gives your dog the opportunity to experience different settings.

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With PawPanions, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the attentiveness they need while you are away.

I will give your pet the care and attention they deserve, leaving them happy and content.

Visits Include

Pet visits include fresh water, feeding and treat time, lots of fresh air in the garden, plenty of cuddles, playtime with tuggy toys and fetch.

I will reward your pet for good behavior, and can even include basic training in this time which is especially useful for puppies.

Perfect for

This service is perfect for Puppies and Kittens who can be a handful, as they are still developing and learning how to interact with the world around them.

This service is also perfect for other pets that just need some extra attention and socialisation, so they are not bored or anxious for long periods of time while you are away from home.

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Whether you’re travelling on vacation or just out for the day, I will ensure your pet is comfortable and cared for at home in familiar surroundings. 

Regardless of your animal’s type, age or mannerisms, this service can be customised specifically for them.

Why use our Pet Sitting Services?

This service provides another pet care option. Instead of keeping your pet in kennels or catteries, they can stay in a place where they feel comfortable, know their surroundings and have regular walks and visits.

Small Animal Pop-In's

I also offer Cage, Vivarium and Tank Pop-In's for the peace of mind that your smaller pets are regularly watered, fed and cleaned while you are away. 

I personalise these quotes so they are perfect to your specific needs. Get in touch today with any questions about how I can help you with your best friend's care requirements.




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